To Gain your Chief Scouts silver Award you must pass

The 5 Challenges

The Outdoor Challenge

To complete this award the cubs should

1 Take part in at least one residential experience with a minimum of two nights away
2 Learn a new skill i.e. backwoods cooking, compass
3 Take part in three outdoor activities all different

The Creativity Challenge

1 Plan and give an musical performance/play and perform to others {not the pack}
2 Create 2 new games
3 Create a Card, poster or an invitation
4 Make a presentation on Cub Scouting

The Fitness Challenge

1 Show they have improved in a sport or activity over six weeks
2 Carry out a full body overhaul on them selves
3 Try two new sports

The Global Challenge

1 Find out the things that can be recycled and over three weeks show what they have recycled in their homes
2 Find out about one international charity that helps around the world
3 Find out about scouting in a chosen country

The Caring Challenge

1 over six weeks look after a pet and keep a record of feeding, cleaning and exercise
2 Find out about a place of worship and tell other Cubs what happens there
3 Find out what hazards there could be in the home or meeting place. Help other Cubs to be aware of them