The Adventure Challenge

To earn this Challenge you should take part in three activities each on a separate occasion.

Examples of suitable activities:
The three activities can be taken out of the same group

Area One General
1 Climbing
2 Hill walking
3 Hiking
4 Spend a day exploring a town you don’t know
5 Orienteering
6 Plan a trip in public transport 40 kilometres
7 Caving or potholing
8 Pony trekking or horse riding
9 Cycling

Area Two Water
1 Sailing 2 Water skiing
3 Dragon boat 4Sub aqua
5 Rafting 6 Canoeing
7 Surfing 8 Bell boating
8 Canal boating 10Pulling

Area Three Air
1 Gliding
2 Hovercrafts
3 Ballooning
4 Kiting