The Outdoor Challenge

The Scout should take part in a residential experience preferably camping for at least two nights during the event they should take part in as many of the following

1 Help to pitch and strike a tent
2 Light a fire and cook one meal
3 Set up a stove and cook a meal
4 Demonstrate personal hygiene
5 Keep personal belongings neat and tidy within the accommodation
6 Maintain a neat and orderly site
7 Take part in a wide game
8 Take part in a camp fire
9 Build a simple pioneering project
10 Build a useful camp gadget
11 Take part in a two hour activity
12 Provide a two hour service on site

The Outdoor challenge Plus

1 Hold the outdoor challenge
2 Have spent eight nights away (4 must be camping)
3 Take part in a further two nights away which should take in as many as possible of the following
A Lead a group of Scouts in setting up a campsite
B Plan a balanced menu for a short camp
C Show how to use an axe and a saw
D Lead the cooking of a meal
E Show the knowledge of the safety precautions for the correct use of stoves and lamps
F Cook a backwoods meal with your group